Intentional Inclusion
Watch the webinar for concrete tips on intentional inclusion from our expert panel.
Take action to decrease health disparities by removing barriers and improving access to health services for people with ID.
Learn how gym owners and trainers create a space where everyone feels comfortable and welcome.
Ensure the full and sustainable inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities in health policies and laws, programming, services, training programs, research, and funding streams.
Tips to help you make your programs and physical spaces accessible and welcoming.
Ensure your communications, including written and spoken language, materials, and interactions with the community are accessible to people with ID.
In this video we discuss understanding your community and training your staff on the barriers and challenges faced by people with ID.
Universal Design Learning is a framework to improve and optimize teaching and learning for all people based on scientific insights into how humans learn.
Learn how health departments can use examples of population health activities that include people with ID for their documentation, where the accreditation standards and measures lend themselves to doing so.