Self-Advocacy in Action: Renee Manfredi

Self-Advocate Renee Manfredi from Special Olympics Hawai'i spoke to doctors and other healthcare providers at Kapi’olani Hospital during their September 2019 Grand Rounds about what they can do to give people with Intellectual Disabilities the quality health care they deserve.

Self-Advocacy in Action: Renee Manfredi speaks at Kaiser Grand Rounds

Some of Renee’s advice:

1. Do not underestimate how a person with ID feels about how you treat them.

2. Do not downplay someone’s disability because you cannot see it.

3. Be patient.

4. Try to understand me.

5. Look at me as an individual person who happens to have a disability.

6. Do not let my disability overshadow how you treat me.

7. Speak at my age and level of understanding. Do not talk to me like I am a baby.

8. Learn how I communicate best.

9. Be careful of your words.

10. Understand that I am okay being different.

11. Use basic language when explaining things.

12. Make sure I understand what the next steps are.

13. Speak to me directly.

14. Give my guardian all the information too.

15. If you have difficulty understanding me, try to learn from others who may be able to help.