Meet a self-advocate
Jason explains how he found independence through being a self-advocate and why it is important. Jason shares some of the tips he has learned while advocating for his own health!
Nell shares how she defines self-advocacy, it’s importance, and her own journey as a self advocate.
Kevin pushes himself to be healthy and a self advocate. He shares tips on how to start your health journey and being an advocate.
Hilary motivates other to be advocates for themselves and shares how she strives to be the best advocate possible for herself!
Angie is passionate about being a self advocate and her own health. She shares the importance of taking control of your health, along with her own experience advocating for better care.
Lynna exemplifies what it is to be a self advocate to show her fellow athletes that they can do it too!
Natasha practices good health and along with being a self advocate. She recommends becoming a self advocate asking questions at your appointments and letting others know how you are feeling.
Loretta explains why it is critical to speak up and be persistent when communicating with health care providers.
Renee takes control of her health by speaking up for herself, making decisions, and always asking questions! She urges her fellow athletes to advocate for themselves by doing the same.
Health Messengers share their experiences in a medical setting and how they have overcome barriers!