Data Summary of Health Disparities Experienced by Special Olympics Athletes

Healthy Athletes Prevalence Report 201, Top of Document

The 2016-2020 Special Olympics International (SOI) Health Strategy focuses on reducing health disparities individuals with intellectual disabilities (ID) face. In creating opportunities for inclusive health for all people with ID, inclusion becomes normalized in mainstream health policies, programming, services, training programs, and funding streams. SOI has set a goal to improve access to health for 11 million persons with ID by 2020. Data are critical in measuring progress toward this goal. SOI has been collecting data on the health of its athletes for over twenty years. These data clearly document significant disparities that arise, at least in part, from systemic barriers to accessing equitable health. Using these data, including the unique qualitative experiences of SO Programs, SOI is working toward addressing these disparities, identifying gaps in care, and connecting athletes to follow-up care. Healthy Athletes data help quantify the magnitude of the health disparities for people with ID. Results from 100,357 of these screenings were entered into the Healthy Athletes Software (HAS) System and show that:

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