Health Care Providers
People with ID face significant health disparities not directly caused by their disability.
Clinicians caring for youth with ID should be aware of the sport opportunities for this population and the health initiatives of Special Olympics.
Ensure the full and sustainable inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities in health policies and laws, programming, services, training programs, research, and funding streams.
Tips to help you make your programs and physical spaces accessible and welcoming.
Ensure your communications, including written and spoken language, materials, and interactions with the community are accessible to people with ID.
In this video we discuss understanding your community and training your staff on the barriers and challenges faced by people with ID.
This video is our effort to amplify the voices of people with ID that ask for fairness, care, equality, and justice.
Health Care for Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities from the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center
Anita Lesko is a nurse anesthetist and a champion for people living with autism spectrum disorder. Here are her tips for communicating with people with ID.