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Request for Proposals: Rosemary Collaboratory Local Consultant Contracts
Proposals due October 29, 2023

Funding Opportunity
Special Olympics, Inc. (SOI) is part of the movement to improve the physical and social-emotional well-being of people with intellectual disabilities (ID) by increasing their inclusion in healthcare, health promotion, and disease prevention systems. Through this Request for Proposals (RFP), SOI will identify consultants to assess the level of ID-inclusion of a health system in their jurisdiction using a framework and tool that will be provided by SOI. Consultants will also develop an advocacy plan for achieving a change in a health system in their jurisdiction that stands to improve health access or outcomes for people with intellectual disabilities ID.

This is the first phase of a larger project for which Special Olympics hopes to engage these consultants on an ongoing basis to:

  • Gather complementary data to the assessment that is useful for advocacy and
  • Implement the advocacy plan.

The findings of these assessments and the advocacy efforts will be documented in a Global Report on the Health of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities, which SOI expects to release by 2026.

There are funding opportunities available in the United States and outside of the United States (limitations apply, see RFPs for details).

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We look forward to learning about your ideas of how to create more accessible, inclusive health systems. Please direct any questions to