JCC Association of North America
Finnish Kayaker Ilpo Holttinen Celebrates on the Podium Holding Aloft a Plush Doll of the Athens 2011 World Summer Games Mascot, Apollon
  • JCC believes that diversity is a wellspring of cohesion and strength, and their inclusion model offers participants of every ability the same opportunities and choices to participate in communal life. This allows everyone to develop self-confidence, independence, and important life skills.

    With support from Special Olympics, the JCC Association of North America awarded mini-grants to JCCs to create healthful inclusion programs for people with intellectual disabilities or to enhance existing programs that have already proven effective. Outcomes from these activities were incorporated into future professional development training for JCCs.

    JCC has also collaborated with CATCH USA on the Discover CATCH program. Learn more about CATCH and publisher/distributor FlagHouse.